We all know that working in an organization can be quite hectic. Therefore, we might always look for methods which could be adopted so that we could release the stress. One such method is to organize a sports festival for your entire company. You could form a small crew and pitch it to the head of business at your organization. If he/she approves of the idea, you are all set to organize a successful festival. Firstly, you could start off by creating the budget for the sports tourney. When the budget is being made you may have to consider aspects such as ground cost, DJ, Food, Louvers etc. Therefore, it’s always good to set an event manager for the entire event. Since he/she will know through and through about everything which is happening.
Once the budget is set, you could start looking for possible venues. It might be quite challenging to get grounds during the sports season. Therefore, if you are to organize the event, you may have to make sure you place the booking before the sports season or after the sports season. Once the ground is looked at, you could start notifying all your company members of the event. This way they could start registering themselves. You could come up with a few rules which need to be followed in order to make the event a fun one. Therefore, once the rules are thought of you could make it a point to email it to all the team members who are taking part. You could also look into t shirt printing since this would give you the possibility of having your own T shirt printing services for the event.
T shirt printing can be done quality finished products in all printing shops. Therefore, you could go through a few quotas before you make up your mind. When you are to choose a shop you might have to look at the quality of the product along with its design. If both these are satisfactory, you could give that shop the deal. Once the printing is looked at, you could shift your focus towards another important aspect. Food and beverages play a huge role when it comes to a Tourney. We all know that the people who take part might feel dehydrated and tired. Therefore, it’s good to have the necessary supplies. 
If you want to open up stalls at the event you could send away invitations to all your sponsors. This will enable all the interested companies to open up their very own stall at the event at zero cost. With everything which was looked at, looking into these could help you organize a good office tourney.