So you are planning on doing that one thing your parents probably dreaded from the day you were born; you’re planning on moving out. Perhaps it’s to study at a university in a city away from home; perhaps it’s an overseas university. Perhaps you are moving away to find better work. but despite the reason, and despite how excited you are to move out, we’re sure you’ll have some hesitancies regarding living alone. Here are 4 small things that you can do to ensure that you won’t find living alone difficult…

 Keep your room clean always

You might not think this will help, but you’d be surprised at how true this is. Without a doubt, when you’re living and working alone, keeping your home clean takes a little effort. This is especially true in the case of your bedroom. And there’s nothing more saddening than finding your bedroom a total mess, everyday. To make this task easier, consider adopting a cleaning routine. Make your bed in the mornings, and throw open the curtains (and windows; if that’s an option)¾no matter how late you think you are. Replace things back where they belong to reduce clutter.

 Try not to arrive to dirty dishes

You might like eating healthy; you might even love cooking. But one thing you wouldn’t enjoy doing, especially after a long and tiring day; is cleaning up. This usually results in sinks piled with dishes. More than depressing and saddening, this is also extremely unhygienic. If you can’t find the time to do all your cleaning, and can’t afford to have a full time maid, look for someone who does part time cleaning. Just make sure you can trust them before leaving them alone with your valuables.

 Keep your fridge stocked

It’s true that you can’t compete to your mom’s cooking. But it doesn’t mean that you should live in take out boxes alone. Most people find this one of the most challenging parts of leaving alone. Instead of being sad or thinking of it as a con of living alone; challenge yourself to face this. Work on your cooking skills. Thanks to the internet, everyone has access to recipes and instructions. All you need to do is find the right ingredients and the right cooking accessories. 

 Have a steady internet connection

In today’s world and time, this is hardly difficult to achieve. However, the importance of it is more than just to keep you entertained or help your study or work. Humans are social creatures by nature, and need to have family and friends around them to thrive. Sure, you will be making new friends and neighbors; but there’s just something more comforting in family and childhood/school friends. So get yourself a stable internet connection, and talk to them often. Facetime and Skype them. Don’t restrict yourself to only communicating through social media…