Are you one of the lucky ones that received the gift that you have been dreaming of all this time; A DSLR camera which you always wanted to be the owner of? Do you know how to handle one? Have you the required knowledge to carefully take care of your precious gift and follow your dream of becoming a great photographer? Fear not because this article will bring you the relevant information you need to handle your DSLR like a boss.
Exposure What does DSLR stand for? Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera, but most prefer calling it DSLR for the convenience of conversation. What does it take to learn the newly found gadget for you? What does the term exposure really mean to a photographer? This is where you need to put in your skill of highlighting the important element of your photo. Depending on which part you expect to focus more on, the exposure will happen. For instance, if you are taking a picture of two people in the background of a sky and want the subjects to be the main focus, the sky needs to be overexposed.
ISOAnother element that requires you attention is the ISO. This is where the sensor and the light come in. The way your sensor reacts to the light which is coming externally will decide the brightness of the picture. Settings are completely in your hands. Therefore, depending on the lighting on the picture that you are taking, setting the correct ISO is up to you. If you need the image to be brighter, it is advisable that you increase the ISO. If you engage in baby photography, it is best that you use a higher ISO.
Shutter speedWhether you engage in maternity photography or landscape, you need to have the required knowledge on the speed of your shutter for that specific shot. This will decide the amount of light that you send in when the photo is being captured. The shutter speed refers to the speed at which the shutter of your camera opens and closes. The faster the shutter, the better and simpler it will be to capture images that are in motion.
An expertOnce you have mastered all these technique and have sufficient knowledge to handle your new DSLR, you will be able to snap pictures like a pro in no time.
Therefore, learn how to use it, educate yourself from books, internet and other sources before putting any of the skills into practise. Also, do not forget to read the instruction manual.