The latest buzz word and fast gaining popularity is the trend of 3 dimensional. When the word three dimensional is mentioned what is the first thing that comes to mind? It could be 3d movies and animated films which are viewed using special glasses and which literally transport us from the movie theater to the actual surroundings of the film. Or it could be images which have an added third dimension compared to normal pictures. Or it could be artifacts that are made using three dimensional technologies. But this technology is not just confined to movies and entertainment media.

It is the technology or mechanism used in real world which bestows a different view to objects such that when we see it our eyes space out to view slightly differing views of the same object. When relayed to the brain the image formed has depth which is a 3d image. After understanding how 3d works it would be interesting to know about the use of this technology for 3d printing. This refers to making a solid three dimensional object from a digital file or model.

A 3D printing service in Vietnam can be employed for a number of useful causes. For instance, it can be used to print organs from the cells of the patient’s itself. This will reduce the time spent waiting for a suitable donor. Earlier this process was done by hands, therefore the printers help speed up the process too. The automotive industry too can benefit from this printing as parts of the vehicle, such as floor consoles or vents or brake rotors can be made from resins using the printers. Similarly, for the aerospace industry the printers can be used to print parts, such as rocket engine injectors. Additionally, in the future such printers can be developed that can be taken into space by astronauts and used for immediate printing of parts needed. This will reduce the amount of luggage and spare equipment astronauts will have to carry. Similar to printing organs, 3 dimensional printing technology can help print or build prosthetics too. For example, the technology can help print legs for those born with defects. Or, it can help print jaws or other prosthetic body parts that are not functioning well within the body.

In conclusion
The reach and use of 3 dimensional printing technology and its associated services are vast so much so that the technology can transform the way certain industries are functioning presently. In short, the technology can bring about radical changes. And it saves time and resources too with better results in a short span of time.