Our current society has so many talented youngsters and who are well educated also. Moreover they have more knowledge and skills than earlier generation people. Moreover they have well updated with new technologies and inventions. And they have good knowledge and thoughts about social, political and environmental issues. It is always acceptable fact that we should trust our youngsters and give them good opportunities to show their skills. But actually what’s happening in our society is, people expect more experience than their talents and skills.

First and most important thing is our state have to create a good stage for the youngsters to participate in the social factors and by that they can get use of them. For example by arranging social interacting meeting, tech conference in Asia, workshops and seminars they can identify the talented and suitable youngsters. Also these events help our youngsters to express their own thoughts and opinions about social development. Also it helps the state, corporate structure and other embodies to find the perfect and suitable people to work with them. Moreover our youngster’s thoughts and opinions are more advanced and updated which can be acceptable by other youngsters in the same society. Because most of the youngsters face same and similar social issues and therefore by getting opinions of some young people in the society will help us to understand the rest of the youngsters.

There are so many social clubs and organizations which work for the benefit of the society. They arrange meeting annually or periodically to do projects or other welfare things. Also there are other places where youngsters can debate, discuss and share their thoughts with other who are in the same fields. This will be good communication tool for our youngsters to get to know their exact society. For example, workshops about pollution, seminars about health amendments protect, creating entirely new markets and innovator conference etc. In these events people can talk, share their thoughts, argue with others and then finally they can come to the conclusion which will be agreed by all the participants. Here they learn so many things and these all give them good thoughts about social development.

Therefore, it’s always important to trust and respect our youngsters amen we have to give responsibilities to them. Then only they will work delicately and confidently. What we have to do is, we have to give an opportunity to for them to identify their talents because most of them don’t know what are their own talents and skills.