At the end of each year, a quick look at your office will reveal that it is in dire need of a good clean up because there is no doubt that the office staff have been very busy working hard but have rarely had much time to clean up and maintain the office. This is in fact the case with most offices and it is important that you allocate a day at the end of the year when business is slow to have an office cleanup day. Keep in mind that cleaning up the office is not part of your employees’ duties but as they are required to come to work every day, you can use one day of the year to have them help with getting the office in order.

Make it a fun dayIt is important for you to keep in mind that your staff have worked very hard throughout the year and that they too could do with a break from their usual boring routine and since your office also needs to be cleaned and put in order, you could consider having an office cleaning in Singapore at your office which would be a lot of fun and will also get your own work done. You can do this by ordering a good lunch for your staff on the office cleanup day and ordering snacks that they can have throughout the day while they clean up the office.

Of course there will be certain aspects of the cleanup that may not be able to be done by your staff and you may need to hire professional office cleaning services to come in for a few hours to do some of the deep cleaning work.

It is important for you to use this opportunity to not only get your office cleaned but also to get your office paper work in order. Many offices tend to have a lot of paper work filed away in cupboards and storage units. It is important for you to take this opportunity to have all of the paperwork in your office organized and for you to try to get rid of as much of it as possible while trying to digitize as much of it as possible.

No print policyIt would be a good idea for you to bring in a no print policy for your office in order to reduce the amount of paper you use and the amount of paper waste. This will in turn make your office a lot easier to clean and will free up massive amounts of storage for your office as well.