Society will usually place many rules on a woman including how she would dress, how she should parent, when she should get married, when she should have a child and various other mundane unnecessary rules. In addition to this, it is an unfortunate fact that young people are expected to look a certain way in order to gain respect in the business place which includes having perfectly groomed eyebrows and perfect makeup.

Rules on both genders
Although these rules are predominantly placed on young women, you would be surprised to find that they are also placed on young men eyebrows plucking for example is something that is expected of a woman but a man is always expected to be clean shaven in order to gain respect in the business world.

A man can be extremely talented at what he does but in many cases a clean shaven man will always gain instant respect over a man that has chosen to grow his beard. All of this takes much time every morning that can be used to do something productive or to get ahead in their careers and yet, many young people spend hours grooming themselves just so that they fit the block that has been placed for them by society. It is unknown why society places such mundane laws on young people however it is something that is expected and strangely even young people choose to follow in the same footsteps as they grow older simply because the older generation did so without questioning the absurdity of these rules.

Women on the other hand are expected to undergo painful procedures such as lip embroidery in order to remain completely without facial hair even though a woman naturally has small amount of facial hair that does not in any way reflect her ability to be successful within the business place.

Even in terms of clothing many young people will get judged immediately based on the clothing that they choose to wear and therefore young men will mechanically follow tradition and expectation by choosing to wear a tuxedo or a full suit while a woman will wear a dress or some kind of feminine outfit irrespective of how uncomfortable she is in these clothes. Many people do not realize just how much walking around in heels all day can hurt and yet, women are expected to wear them every day in order to gain some respect. Most women will suffer permanent disability from continuous use of heels but they still continue to wear them.