Gifts are not always about the most expensive or the most valuable – as the saying goes, it is the thought that counts. As such, if you ever find yourself in a pinch right up when the festive seasons come – be it Christmas and New Year’s, Easter or any other festive seasons of your country – it might do you well to remember to this saying.

First of all, a good idea to do is to get into the practice of saving money. By this, we mean to especially keep a piggy bank or any other money box in your house where you would put small change and lesser notes for the express purpose of using them to buy presents (you can keep this money box in your wardrobe or some other place if you tend to use up the money you keep in these boxes). If you still tend to run short on money to buy the more expensive gifts, remember that there is always the option of opting to buy a number of cheap items, and creating a gift hamper in Singapore from it! In the opinion of many people, a number of useful items – which may be cheap – do much better as a gift when compared to a super expensive porcelain gift that they would never use.

As for actual cheap gift ideas, know that most of them are homemade gift ideas. The first of these is naturally homemade food – the cheapest way to show how grateful you are or how much you love a person. The most popular homemade gifts are often sweets, such as chocolates or cookies; you can find easy recipes for cookies and chocolate online, so even if you are a beginner at cooking, there is nothing to worry about, save for the ingredients.

The other cheap but popular gift ideas include books, photo frames and albums, vouchers and cheap collectibles such as cards and stamps. Books are in particular a delightful gift for the avid readers, and you can certainly expect them to be much more grateful with books, even if they are cheap, when compared to other gifts. You can expect mothers to be grateful for vouchers – but if they are clothing related or restaurants, etc. even young people will be happy with them nowadays! The more personal acquaintances such as friends, family and partners will naturally be grateful for handmade photo albums and photo frames. And last, but not least, if you remember to add a handmade card, you can be sure that you will please the other party!