Charity is one of the famous projects that are happening in every part of the world and it can be major programs and sometimes could be small scale projects. However what is expected from these projects are to serve happiness for a needy and complete with the needful. There are so many fund raising programs around the world that try to build up and serve cancer patients, economically challenged families, to spread education around the world and so on. Out of all such charities, taking care of elders who are left alone in elders homes are found to be one of the most important and one heart touching charity. This makes both the giver and the receiver happy as getting to see a smile on their innocent faces is quite rare because they spend quite a mentally uncomfortable life there as they are living far away from their loved ones. Therefore when the general public can get together to make them happy is a huge relief for them and they are extremely thankful for those.

There are so many home care services available in almost every society to treat them right. When going through online websites and pages additional information on these can be found and also they have opened doors for people to come and see their facilities. They should be able to take a huge responsibility as taking care of elders are not an easy task. They should be able to treat them as family and should be able to keep them happy as they miss a huge part of their life when they are left alone in an elder’s house.

Furthermore the administration of the elder’s house should also be flexible and caring for them and should be able to provide a home for the elders. They should allow the public to come and join with them through charity programs and entertain programs as these innocent people need happiness, care, love and respect. Some elders could be very old and may need home nursing services as well due to their age and other weaknesses. Therefore charity programs must be organized to allow such facilities to be entered into every elder’s homes as they can do many of the needful.

There are elder’s homes in rural areas as well and they sometimes lack equipment, quality, standards and facilities. Therefore, the above mentioned projects should be properly organized facilities and funded to make these homes have all the necessary facilities and equipment that are needed for all the elders.