Have you ever wondered why in your workplace you would find the manager dividing the employees into teams and then giving them tasks? Have you ever wondered why they don’t generally give one person the whole responsibility? Have you ever wondered why some people say teamwork is essential? Well if you have thought about at least one of these things then you have come to the right article.

In corporations it is commonplace to place employees in teams when a task should be completed. This is not because employers think their employees are irresponsible. It is simply because this is the smart thing to do.

When a corporation assigns a job to a team of six members, then those six employees will do what they can to ensure the task is completed. They can divide the task into smaller tasks and then each of them can take one or more depending on the workload. When each of them completes their specific task, the job is done. If one person had to do the whole job it would take far longer to complete it.

Thus a corporation can save time by handing a job to a team of employees than one. However this is not the only benefit. When corporate team building events in Singapore or activities take place, the strengths of the members can be found and utilized. If for example, a person while doing an activity regarding teamwork finds out that he or she can come up with unique and creative ideas for marketing or even product creation, then when the team is handed a job that involves such skills, they can give that person the responsibility of coming up with ideas instead of tasks that do not require creativity or ingenuity. By doing this her talents and skills can be used to help create better products or a better campaign.

Thus one can gather that finding and utilizing individual skills is also one of the benefits in making a team and team building activities go a long way in ensuring this.

Another reason why companies would prefer to make people work in a team to complete a task than one person handling it alone is to ensure that the mental health of employees remains good. When one person is handed a huge pile of work to handle alone, that person can go through immense stress. This can have a detrimental effect on their health. However by dividing the task into smaller parts and handing it over to more people, the stress would also get dispersed through the group and become less. Thus their mental health will not be compromised.

Hopefully from the above, you can understand why team work is important and the reason why companies prefer handing tasks to teams.